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We Are ALL Students and Teachers…

Welcome to What Would Jesus Do TV, dedicated to helping people. has one goal: to bring everyone closer to GOD. Whether you have a relationship with Jesus or not, here you will be able to find truths which will allow you to live the life God has in store for you.

Currently, is under development. WE NEED YOUR HELP to make the most powerful and important Interactive Broadcasting Channel a reality. will welcome all people to explore the blessings, life, and teachings of Jesus Christ. Individuals will have the opportunity to create a profile, upload videos, comment on videos, ask questions, find specific biblical passages, and make real world friendships/connections. Additionally, there will be professionally produced programing and content from ALL various denominations of Christianity.

In short, imagine combining the best elements of Netflix with YouTube and supercharging them with the most powerful force in the universe: JESUS. will have TWO distinct categories. PLAYERS and COACHES. Players are simply individuals wishing to share their story, their troubles, questions, triumphs; whatever it is they may be succeeding or struggling with, wanting more clarity and biblical support/guidance. Coaches are seasoned Christians, pastors, clergy, educators, community members who devoted their life to reading the bible and strengthening their relationship with the Lord. The content of “coaches” will be regularly curated to ensure what is being shared is indeed Biblical and the word of God.